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Web Design Company: The Life And The Culture

by Tara Fleming
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Web Design Company: The Life And The Culture

Life and culture in a web design company both exciting and crazy because of all the colourful characters and the work environment is buzzing with creative and wild ideas. But the challenges can be daunting at times though, you’ll need tons of perseverance and determination to get through it.

So if you are starting a career soon in a web design company, there are a few things you need to be ready for.

The Crazy and Colourful Characters

People working in a web design company tend to be more eccentric and colourful. If you have experience working in a standard company then you’ve seen how people talk about their hobbies and the sort. The same applies in a web design company is just that the hobbies and topic of discussion can be rather….interesting. Imagine, you sitting at your desk doing your work and suddenly a dude hovered to your place and started talking about Flat Earth theory or how deep below Antarctic there is a secret bunker housing limitless resources. And you will see people coming to work wearing all manner of attire; from almost cosplay like attire to literally wearing pajamas.

By encountering all of these interesting characters it will definitely opens your view and mind of the world, helps you learn and adapt to a new (and strange) surrounding.

Gamey Break Time

In a standard office setting you will people go out for lunch or have their lunch in the pantry but in a web design company or other digital creative companies, you will see people playing video games (on consoles, mobile or PC), stream anime or play a board/card game.

The Challenges

But there are challenges, of course, to tackle when working in a web design company (just like at any other place) such as meeting a ridiculously tight deadline for a project, indecisive clients or crazy almost impossible to do web designs.

You will face one of these challenges and the worst is the last challenge. You’ll come across a client demanding you to implement an almost impossible web design within a short time. Meaning you’ll to spend pour hours and hours of extra working time in order to complete in time.

Language Barriers

And if you are working in an international web design company, you will of course meet people from almost every part of the world, means there will be communication problems. Yes, English is the communication language, but not everyone able to communicate well with it. And you maybe fluent, but one of your teammate is probably not so fluent, he/she may mispronounce words. In turn lowering the level of comprehension which leads to misinterpretation of the received details or information.

To overcome this, you have to learn and somehow interpret the information and try getting someone else to help you clarify the information. By getting the information right from the start it will the project you work to go smoothly or find solution to issues much faster. This miscommunication problem did happened to me before; one my team came to me and asked for my help, so i asked what’s the problem then the guy told that he can’t get the Twitter link to work properly. The way he explained it to me it sounded like the link doesn’t work when shared on Twitter but turned that was not the problem. The problem was that when link is copied and pasted in the backend, it didn’t appear. I only discovered that after asking another guy that was working on the project as well.

Flexible Working Hours

Most companies are adopting this kind of working hours, but a web design company and other digital creative companies are the earliest adopter of flexible working hours. I mean, it’s only logical since you have stay back at the office until late night to finish up projects because if you don’t you won’t be able to catch and cope with all the projects. So it is only fair to have a flexible working hours, it lets you have extra time to unwind and rest at home compared to regular working hours system. Imagine, you go back at 9pm almost everyday, reached your home at around 11pm and the next day you have to be at the office at 9am. That will definitely exhaust you by lots, so with flexible hours you can come in a bit late and this way you can arrange your schedule easier too compared to regular working hours. You will able to set some time for yourself or your friends and family.

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