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Top 4 Mobile Apps For Health Care

by Tara Fleming

Mobile app development today not only covers entertainment but it covers the health and medical industry as well, built with the purpose so users may monitor their health condition on the go. Mobile app developers see sudden surge in demands for mobile healthcare app from medical industry. With current technology abilities patients and doctors are enabled to communicate in real time regardless of the distance, allowing for both to discuss concerning health issues. There tons of such apps in the Google Play Store and App Store but here the top 5 healthcare mobile apps available for you to download.


Through this app both doctors and patients have a reliable platform for them to chat with one another. This app is available for both Android users and iOS users, downloadable via Google Play Store and App Store. With this app, doctors are able to discuss with medical issues with their colleagues and patients over long distance. This also avoid private discussion between a doctor and a patient from being leak to the public. Doctors medical discussions with their patients are transferable to their medical record. This app also allows doctors to bill each e-visitation and e-consultation.


This is an app built for people with certain health conditions as it will help users find specialists like neurologists and radiologists. When users do found the specialist they need, the doctor or specialist then will set a booking fee for the consultation session. The appointment for consultation will be set up within 24 hours after the specialist is chosen. The consultation session then will be conducted via a video call. A face to face consultation also can be done, if it deemed necessary by the doctor.


This app is like a digital library for doctors as it hold enormous amount of information on medications and prescriptions. This is because the app lets doctors access the national specialty societies specific guidelines and doctors are able to access patient’s health evidence. Through this app, harmful and negative effects of drugs can be avoided as it provide information for each drugs in it’s registry. With it users also able to calculate and measure their BMI and GFR. Users also will be constantly updated and health conscious as this app also functions as a platform medical news. This app has two versions, free version and paid version, the former is Epocrates RX while the latter is called Epocrates Essentials.

LiveHealth Online

Through this app patients will be able consult with doctors via video calls, at the end of a consultation—the doctor will then prescribed medication, a patient will be charged with the fee set by the doctor. Payment is made using their insurance plan. Should users do not have an insurance plan, a fixed amount of 49$ per consultation will apply.

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