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Knee Pain and Possible Treatment Options

by Tara Fleming
Knee Pain and Possible Treatment Options

The Possible Treatment for Knee Pain

Knee pain is more prevalent than you think. There are many ways you can contract this condition. This is pretty common in active people; mostly in people who are athletes that involve so much movement (like football or basketball) or if you have a genetic predisposition to the condition.

Whatever the reason is, knee pain is actually quite common and a lot of people are seeking for long-term treatment solutions for this especially on the aspect of stem cell injection.

First Line of Treatments

Whenever a person suffers some pain or soreness in the knee area, the doctor will assess what the problem is. Most of the time, people report knee pain and it is actually due to Osteoarthritis- a condition that is characterized by the thinning of the cartilage surrounding the knee joint.

The cartilage not only acts as the connective tissue that links your muscles and bones together, but it also affects the joint from friction and abrasion. For osteoarthritis patients, because their cartilage is already thinned out, any slight movement using the affected knee will result in insurmountable pain.

Knee Pain and Possible Treatment OptionsWhenever someone goes to the doctor due to knee pain, the first line of treatments would be to give them anti-inflammatory medications. This can either be in the form of oral medicines or corticosteroid injections.

After getting some of those treatments, the person is usually given some physical therapy to help them cope with the pain and to also help them move their compromised joint.

Although these treatments do provide some relief, albeit a temporary one, a more permanent solution is required.

Knee Replacement Surgery

For Osteoarthritis suffers, the usual fix to this would be for them to go under the knife and have a knee replacement surgery.

In this procedure, patients will be implanted by some artificial scaffolds which have a similar function to that of the bone cartilage.

Even though the procedure is generally pain-free, the “fix” might not be a permanent one and there might be some instances where infection can occur on the site of the affected knee.

So, is there a possible solution that is way better than the ones I’ve mentioned so far? Well, there actually is!

Stem Cell Knee Injections

Knee Pain and Possible Treatment OptionsAlso known as Stem Cell Therapies, this procedure entails the use of stem cells that are found in our bodies so that it can help regenerate the thinned cartilage.

Stem cells have been known to regenerate any damaged part of the body because of its ability to divide indefinitely until the tissue is fixed.

By using stem cell knee injections, it can help replace the cartilage in your affected knee. So, after a few months, you can walk normally again; all pain-free!

There are two sources of adult stem cells. They can either be harvested from the bone marrow or they can be extracted from your fat cells.

Most doctors who perform this procedure often get stem cells from the adipose tissue found in your body since there are plenty of them in our systems and it generally doesn’t involve a surgical procedure.

Once the knee injections are done, give it a little bit of time (at least 2 months) and you will feel so much better than ever before. Some patients who have undergone this procedure before even went on to say that they can walk more efficiently than before they’ve received the treatment.

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