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How to Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider

by Tara Fleming

Contracts, Commercials and SLAs

For beginners, cloud agreements may appear complicated. This is not helped by the lack of technology industry standards for how they are defined and constructed. When it comes to SLAs, a lot of cloud providers are still using misleading complex, languages. Encourage web hosts to communicate their flexible terms in a detailed manner.

Performance and Reliability 

Are you looking for a top host in Malaysia? There are many approaches you can utilize in order to measure the performance and reliability of cloud service providers. It’s crucial not to expect perfection, though. Downtime is indeed inevitable, and each host can experience it anytime.

Standards and Certifications

Cloud providers that strictly comply with recognized standards, as well as quality frameworks, implement an adherence to the industry’s standards and best practices. These standards are very helpful for your online business strategy, and in shortlisting suppliers.

Moreover, look out for effective data management, structured processes, service status visibility and good knowledge management.

Technologies and Service Roadmap

Ensure that the cloud provider’s platform and technologies align well with your current business environment. Check if every detail supports your cloud objectives. Do the cloud architecture, services and standards suit your management preferences and workloads? Evaluate how much customization you need to do to make the workloads very suitable for their platforms. Any top host will have this capability.

Service Partnerships and Dependencies 

Many cloud service providers have a lot of vendor relationships which are crucial to understand. Evaluating their relationships with key vendors, technical capabilities, staff certifications and accreditations levels. Contemplate on whether all the services offered fit into a much bigger ecosystem of services that can support it.

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