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Hooked On Gambling

by Tara Fleming

Personal Stress

People may often take advantage of online casinos to obtain comfort from their daily issues, including alcohol, drugs or smoke. This is especially true whether the person has experienced a loss of love, divorce or jobs or a related elevated degree of stress recently. Online casinos are the tiny bit of relief they get from the pressures they’re feeling so they lose track of their winnings that lead to defeat. Which may easily turn cataclysmic rather than holding hold of them.

Financial Problems

Searching internally and fixing a financial problem in a very absurd way, may be seen to the outside observer. Their inability to solve their financial problems though, may lead people to believe that gambling is the best way out of this dilemma. Unfortunately, most of them fail and the individual involved is left looking for a mistake that they cannot make up for.

Victims Of Abuse

Gambling can be seen as the short-term remedy for curing their pain among the people who have endured emotional or physical violence. As it provides an outlet for people dealing with personal tension. This helps them to take care of the pain they are feeling and not taking into consideration the financial implications.

Family History of Gambling Addiction

There is no empirical proof suggesting gambling behaviour is a genetic problem. But, there are aspects in which people become more likely to become gambling-dedicated when they are experiencing a family member or a loved one.

Biological Composition

A research by Alec Roy et al has also proposed that certain people may be born with lower amounts of molecular norepinephrine and become addicted to gambling, which compensates for this molecular disturbance and is only isolated when individuals experience elevated rates of tension or anxiety, termed pathological gambling (1988).

That gambling dependency mostly depends on the biological term of the person or whether social influences have a more significant impact nowadays remains unclear. The 2011 study by the Fair Gambling Foundation, conducted on behalf of the British Government, suggested that more should be done to limit gambling in local communities with special focus on fixed-odds betting terminals.

The belief that the issue of gambling is either a biological or social condition is not apparent either. The risk factors are clear however, it remains uncertain if the problem of gambling addiction resides within the person, society or the gambling industry itself.

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