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8 Important Advantages of Good Responsive Website Design

by Tara Fleming

It’s 2019, and responsive website design is gaining more and more popularity and importance. If you want your business to succeed in the long run, you should ask your web design agency utilize a responsive web design to achieve more audiences. Take advantage of the fact that we almost can’t let go of our smartphones for even just a few minutes!

There are various web design benefits. Here are some of them.

Increased Mobile Traffic

Do you know that more than half of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile devices? That’s how powerful mobile browsing is now. Make sure that your pages work well even on small screens. Once your website adapts to this, you will notice an increase in mobile visitors.

Improved User Experience

A responsive web design often leads to a much better user experience. If people find it hard to move around your website, they would abandon your pages. Don’t let this happen. By addressing usability, you can gain new customers, and maintain your existing ones.

Simpler Website Analytics

A responsive website’s analytics are greatly simplified. No need to waste time going through different reports to read data.

Better Loading Times

If you have a responsive web design, your pages would surely load much faster on tablets and smartphones. Fluid grids and responsive images load really fast, and can impact the duration of every person’s visit.

Lower Bounce Rates

Bounce rates pertain to the percentage of website visitors who abandon the website after just viewing a single page. When you have a responsive website, visitors have the tendency to browse much longer, reducing your bounce rate.

Higher Conversion Rates

That good user experience responsive designs bring can soon lead to better conversion rates. Encourage more people to sign up to your newsletter.

Better SEO

Website responsiveness is one of the factors that determine your place in the SERPs. If your website is not responsive, you will have a lower position in the results pages. SEO and responsive designs work hand in hand to improve website performance and traffic.

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