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Top 3 Activities For Lockdown

by Tara Fleming
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It is hard to deny that lockdown makes us feel bored since we are staying home the whole time. Since the rise of cases in COVID-19, it is important for us to stay home no matter how bored it is. We should not risk for the situation to become the worst and the casualties to increase. Let’s look at this from a positive perspective, shall we? During this lockdown, we have some free time since we can no longer go out to hang out or go shopping. This means we can try new things and pick up some hobbies that caught our interest during the lockdown. This is good for you if you are bored from constant online gaming or spending too much time thinking over your forex trading through forex trading brokers indonesia. Doing the same things over and over makes you feel bored and hence, you need some fresh hobbies to keep you entertained. Here are some activities recommended during the lockdown.

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You might think this hobby is too passive and boring since it does not require you to move your body much, except your hands. However, pottery is an activity where you produce items like a mug or a vase from a lump of clay. The whole process of producing that is very calming since it lowers your blood pressure and calms your mind. Moreover, pottery can help alleviate stress and anxiety as your hands move constantly in order to shape the items you wish to produce. The process does not stop once you finish molding them since you can also show your creativity by painting the items with colorful patterns and cute designs. For example, you can paint some cute cats on the mug you just produced. Isn’t that cute? You can even exercise your hands and improve your hand’s stability during this activity. 

Playing Chess

The youngsters nowadays do not actually like playing chess that much. This is obvious due to their massive use of technology where they prefer activities like online games to kill some time. Their reliance on gadgets make it hard for them to enjoy chess. However, chess is a great activity since you can train your strategy-making skills the more you play this game. Besides, it is a good way to bond with your family members, especially your parents. Fathers commonly love playing chess since it can help improve their memory and increase their IQ. 


Another activity to keep you occupied is by solving puzzles. There are many designs that you can choose from for puzzles. There are views of nature, movie characters and even anime. If you get bored from solving normal puzzles, then you can try giant puzzles where there are more than more than 1000 pieces you have to reassemble. More than that, putting the pieces of the puzzle together might take time but the sense of accomplishment after you complete it will be satisfying. It can even help in improving short-term memory and concentration skills. 

Last Words

In conclusion, these are some of the activities you can try during this lockdown. If you are lost on what to do during this lockdown, then make sure to give these a try.

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