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Online Games That You Should Try

by Tara Fleming

Any video game that allows players to connect with each other through the internet is referred to as online gaming. To indicate whether or not video games were online, they were previously classed using an Online Content PEGI descriptor. This distinction is no longer utilized because most games now include internet interactions. Understanding online games is crucial since they provide children and adults with a lot of fun, enjoyment, teamwork, collaboration, and creative adventure.

Here are some of the games that I have tried and are familiar with. I hope it helps if you are looking for something to play; alone or with family and friends.


  1.       Tetris 99

This is not a game that you can play on mobile phones or pc but it is one of the most-played Nintendo Switch games. Tetris 99 is one of the most stressful and furious multiplayer games to hit the market in recent years. The premise is brilliant: it’s essentially Tetris Battle Royale, with every two lines you clear going to one of your 99 opponents, either at random, those closest to death, players presently assaulting you, or those closest to triumph.

  1.       Counter Strike

This game has been one of the most famous games that people have played for years. You can play this on your PC, XBOX, XBOX360 and also the latest PlayStation. There’s a reason Counter-Strike has been so popular for so long. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or just CS:GO for short) is all about being quick to react and even faster on the thinking in a rapid and hyper-lethal depiction of current military conflicts. As you set out to destroy other players or engage in more objective-focused scenarios like disarming a bomb, tactics and collaboration will win the day. This is a game where you can choose either to play it with friends, alone, or with strangers.

  1.       Mega888

Mega888 is one of the most well-known game creators on the planet. The supplier is a top-tier slot producer and gaming company that has established the industry standard for responsive game design. Mega 888 is largely focused on the Southeast Asian market. In Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, the platform is known for offering the greatest collection of Asian-themed casino and slot games. You can play this game with anyone you like and the most important thing is you are able to gain money from playing online casinos.

  1.       Gartic Phone

The designers of Gartic Phone were inspired by the Telephone Game and wanted to give the traditional game a contemporary, digital touch that you will love. The game is essentially a combination of a drawing and a text interpretation game, with up to 11 distinct modes to choose from. You can even play this game with your younger family members (kids) because it is so fun!

  1.       Pokemon Go

This game has been phenomenal once and is played worldwide. The game is very easy where you just have to walk about your house, garden, and neighbourhood looking for hidden Pokemon that might be hiding anywhere from your kitchen to your back patio. You will be able to make a friends list and participate in in-game trading and gifting.


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