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Learning, Play, and Your Newborn

by Tara Fleming

Babies play to learn how to socialize, communicate and understand all of their surroundings.

During your child’s first month of life, your little one would learn things by interacting with you. Remember, the first thing your child would learn is to connect with the sound of your voice, feel of your touch, and the sight of your face.

After playtime comes baby milestones. You can go and have fun while buying baby shoes in Malaysia, but never miss these important events in your baby’s life. 

Encourage learning with gentle soothing sounds and smiles. When you talk to your baby, and when you smile, the sound of your voice, and look of your face would become familiar. It becomes a source of comfort and calmness. Your child would learn how to associate you with your warmth and nourishment.

Do you love buying baby milk bottles for your little one? During the child’s first few weeks of life, your kid would spend lots of time sleeping or feeding. But soon, she wouldn’t need those bottles. Soon, she would learn not only to play, but eat on her own. 

A baby who is alert and quiet would be responsive and attentive in her surroundings. A child who is awake yet active wouldn’t be able to focus on you. These are signs that your child is overstimulated, tired or hungry.

Below are some ideas that will help you encourage the child to play and learn.

  • Read and talk to your baby.
  • Remember that infants develop at various rates, and they have a vast range of development. Consult your pediatrician if you have concerns about how your child hears and sees, or if you have concerns about baby development
  • Use soothing music while holding your child, gently swaying to the tune. 
  • Choose a soothing lullaby to play often for your baby. The familiarity of the words and sounds would have a soothing effect, specifically during fussy times. 
  • Stick out your tongue, smile and make different facial experiences for your baby to imitate, learn and study. 

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