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Build Your Own House!

by Tara Fleming
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After years of living in different types of houses, you might want to build your own house. A house that is uniquely yours with everything you want in it. Making it special from every aspect like layouts, sizes and designs.

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The most important thing you need to consider is of course, your financial status.

Building a house from scratch costs you a lot of money as you will have to buy land, pay for people to build the house and also have to pay for professionals. You will also have to pay for construction loans which usually will cost more. You are technically paying for a concept and not the physical house such as the floor plans, materials needed and any extensive details.

Next you will have to plan and design the house.

Customizing your own house means that you have no limit for it. It can be built as small as you want or as big as you prefer, it all depends on you. Planning the house means you will have to come out with your own floor plans and materials you want to use. For this process, you can either plan on your own or hire professionals to help you with it.

Moving on to the process that you can choose whether to do before or after planning and designing your house; find the location.

You know what you want with the new house, so decide the location wisely. If you plan to build a traditional house, you know it is not suitable to have that in the middle of the city. Find land in the countryside so it is cozier. If you are not able to find land by yourself, hire any property agent to help you with that. Also, make sure your location of land and house design complement each other to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

After you have come out with the rough ideas, find the right people to build your house for you.

  1.   Home builders – find someone who has portfolios and successful buildings. Ask for recommendations from the right person for the right person.
  2.   Interior designer – they can help with your interior designing from choosing the right colour for your house to the concept you want. With the right person, you might get your dream house.
  3.   Architect – this is important as to build a house, you will need an architectural plan. Before coming out with the blueprints, you are suggested to discuss with your architect about the layout, functionalities and anything that is important.

Lastly, you will have to know the process of building a house so you will know if there is anything wrong happening.

  1.   Land prep – getting the land ready.
  2.   Footings and foundation – using the best concrete to make your house foundation for better final strength. Lightweight concrete Selangor can be considered as the best concrete to make your foundations and footings.
  3.   Framing – bones of the house.
  4.   Insulation – depends on your climate.
  5.   Drywall
  6.   Interior finishes – doors, kitchen counters, bathtubs, and etc.
  7.   Exterior finishes – landscaping and exterior decorating such as driveways.
  8.   Flooring installation – varies from your preference.
  9.   Final inspection – local building officials will tell you when you can move in.

Make your house feel like home by deciding what is the best for you and your family.



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